Easy Peel Eggs

One of the most frustrating things in life, in my opinion, is peeling eggs.  I LOVE eggs- egg salad, egg sandwiches, eggs in asian dishes, boiled eggs in salad- I must eat at least 2 eggs a day.  But to make any one of those things, you need to boil eggs and then peel them.  Nothing is more frustrating standing at the counter chipping away at the egg shell, wanting to just give up as microscopic pieces fly off.

I have tried all the tricks- adding vinegar, baking soda, adding eggs to hot water, cold water, etc. etc.  Thanks to me, you guys don’t need to suffer through those horrible “hacks” anymore.


This recipe is super easy- it brings it back to the basics.  AND it works- Every.  Time.  I mean, look at that beautiful peel off that egg…!!!  Every single egg will come off like that.  It’s all about timing.

Easy Peel Eggs


  • However many eggs you want to boil.


  • Bring a medium saucepan of water to a boil.  Gently lower the eggs into the water (I use a ladled spoon and lower a few at a time.).


  • Once all eggs are in, lower the heat so the water is just simmering.  Cook for 13 minutes.  Yes, that’s right- 13 MINUTES EXACTLY.  While you’re waiting, get your ice bath ready- fill a pot or bowl with ice and pour some cold water into it.
  • Once your eggs are done, remove from the hot water and place into the ice bath.  For 5 MINUTES, or until cool to the touch


  • Once cooled, crack those eggs a few times on the counter and peel those shells right off.  Super simple, right??  Good luck!!

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  1. deeeedz says:

    I can’t wait to try this because i hatre peeling eggs for some eggsalad


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